Friday, September 25, 2015

Hashbrown Breakfast Sandwich | White Thunder BBQ

I saw a sandwich like this on some Yahoo article but forgot where it was from....somewhere in California I think.  Anyways, this sandwich was awesome and if you are out of muffins/biscuits its a perfect idea.  I really hope you give this breakfast sandwich a try.

Using a griddle cook up two slices of bacon (cut in half) and two hash brown patties.  When the hash browns are nice and crisp, put 1 slice of American cheese on each.

Fry/cook up an egg any way you like.

Chop up some chives onto the cheese side of each hash brown.
Assemble sandwich:
Hash Brown - Cheese - Chives - Bacon - Egg - Bacon - Chives - Cheese - Hash Brown.  Wrap in Foil and enjoy!

Ingredients (per sandwich)
2 Potato Patties
2 Slices of bacon (cut in half)
2 Slices of American Cheese
1 Egg
2 Pinches of Chives
Salt + Pepper

Watch the full video!


  1. This looks absolutely amazing! It's very similiar to the Dallas bbq that I find around North Texas. The barbeque near me is always really good so are the ribs near me.

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