Monday, November 24, 2014

Hot Sauce Recipe - How to make the best homemade hot sauce

It is hard to compare this hot sauce to anything I have had before.  I completely rocks and I hope you give it a try!

Here are the wings I used this sauce on -

Crush salt and sugar and dissolve in water.

Place peppers and garlic in a glass jar.

Pour salt/sugar water combination over peppers/garlic.  Cover and place in a cool dry place for 1 week.

After a week pour into a blender and blend smooth.  Pour into a pan along with the onion and white vinegar on high heat.  Bring to a boil and reduce heat to low and simmer until reduced by 50%.

Let cool and pour back into blender, blend until completely smooth.

Pour into staralized glass containers.

2 T Sea Salt
2 T Turbinado Sugar
Red Jalapeños
Red Habaneros
Cayenne Peppers
10 gloves garlic
2-3 Cups Water
1/2 C White Vinegar
1 Small Onion, peeled and quartered

Monday, November 17, 2014

Char-grilled Garlic Parmesan Hot Chicken Wing recipe - How to grill the perfect wing on a mini wsm

These wings rocked!  Hot with a garlic finish.  I hope you give these wings a try!  Hot sauce video is not complete yet.  I will make sure it is the next video I post.  The Mini WSM is the perfect cooker for this method.  I was able to fit 2 dozen wings on one rack.

Fire up the Mini WSM and stabilize temp around 275.  Add a couple small chunks of hickory to the coals.  While temp is stabilizing mix the rub and apply lightly to the chicken wings. 

Cook wings for 20 minutes on in-direct heat and then flip.  Cook about 10 minutes and then shred Parmesan on top of wings.  Wait 5 minutes and shred more Parmesan.  Hit up both sides of the wings with 2 rainings or parm. 

While waiting for the wings to cook assemble the sauce.

Set up the Mini WSM for direct cooking and cook wings an additional 2 minutes per side.  Be careful though as they will burn quickly. 

Toss the wings in the sauce and serve with blue cheese dip, celery and carrot sticks.

The Rub
1 T Light Brown Sugar
1 T Paprika
1 t Ancho chili powder
1/2 t Black Pepper
1/2 t Onion Powder
1/2 t Garlic Powder
1/2 t dried herbs
1/4 t Cayenne

Parmesan Cheese (I used Peccorino Romano)

The Sauce
1 Crushed Clove of Garlic
1 T Browned Melted Butter
2/3 C Hot Sauce (preferably homemade)
1 T Fermented Hot Chili Sauce

Sliced Carrots
Sliced Celery
Blue Cheese dip

Here is a similar hot sauce to the one I used on the wings -

Monday, November 10, 2014

Smoked Beef Jerky recipe - How to make beef jerk on a mini Weber Smokey Mountain (mini WSM)

Well this was my first attempt at smoking jerky.  Overall it turned out really well.  I normally use bottom round or top round for jerky making.  But I had some eye of round ends that I saved when I trimmed up some roasts that I used in this cook.  I hope you give this beef jerky recipe a try!

2 lbs 1/4 inch sliced eye of round roast
2 C Cold Water
1 T Kosher Salt
1 T Crushed Red Pepper
1 t Powdered Ginger

Combine water, salt, crushed red pepper and ginger in a bowl.  Whisk until the salt and ginger dissolves.

Place sliced beef in zippered bag and pour over the marinade.  Place in refrigerator for 24-48 hours.  48 hours is best.

Stabilize smoker at 175-180 degrees Fahrenheit.  Smoke until beef is jerky like....I went for about 12 hours on this beef.

Grilled Stromboli recipe - How to cook a stromboli on a Weber grill

Listen to the crunch of the crust on this when I cut through it. You will have to make this after hearing that. I really hope you give this recipe a try. Next time I make this I think I will cut the dough in half to make it a little easier to manage.
I cooked this at about 400-450 maybe....who really knows since when I normally cook with charcoal and lump it gets anywhere between 550-600 degrees Fahrenheit and I did not temp the dome at all during this cook since it was for game day!
pizza dough
pizza sauce
smoked Italian sausage
mozzarella cheese
cooked green peppers
fennel seeds
crushed red pepper
black pepper
dried oregano
olive oil

Pickled Hungarian and Cherry Peppers - How to pickle hot chili peppers (recipe)

Quick and easy way to preserve some of the last peppers of the season in the fridge. Can them if you like. These pickled peppers go well in/on anything. I hope you give these a try.

Hungarian Peppers
Cherry Peppers

6 C Water
1/2 C Salt
6C White Vinegar
1/4 C White Sugar

Dissolve salt in water and pour over sliced peppers.  Let sit for 14 hours.

Drain and rinse peppers.

Boil Vinegar and sugar.  Then pour over peppers.  Cool and place in the refrigerator.

Jalapeno Popper Dip recipe - How to make a bacon and smoked sausage popper dip

This is a super easy game day recipe. Smoked sausage, bacon, jalapenos and cheese....whats not to like. I really hope you give this recipe a try!

2 diced jalapenos
1 sliced jalapeno
2 chopped smoked Italian Sausages
6 Slices cooked thick cut bacon
1 C Pickled jalapenos
4 oz Cream cheese
4 oz shredded cheddar cheese
8 oz Shredded colby jack
Mozzarella cheese
Panko Bread Crumbs

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cornell Chicken Recipe - How to make the easiest chicken

Super simple chicken marinade that really hits the spot. Just throw it all in a blender and pour over the chicken. For best results let this go about 24 hours and flip it around in the fridge every few hours. I hope you give this one a try!

Ray Mack -
Markus -

2 Fryer chickens
1 Egg
1 T Poultry seasoning
2 t Salt
1 t Freshly cracked black pepper
1 C Cider vinegar
1/2 C Canola oil

Blend all the marinade ingredients and marinade for 24 hours.  Reserve 2/3 C of the marinade for basting.

Baste chicken over indirect heat every ten minutes.

When the chicken is almost done more to direct heat for a few minutes each side.

Apple Herb 'Beer' Can Chicken - How to vertically roast a chicken with the Smokenator

This had to produce one of the best roasted chickens I have had in a long time. The sweetness of the apple juice combined with that of the herbs produced very good results. I hope you give this easy vertical roasted chicken recipe a try.

1 Fryer Chicken
Canola Oil
Hickory Wood Chunks

1 C Apple Juice
1 t BBQ Rub
1 Bunch of fresh Herbs
·         Sage
·         Pineapple Sage
·         Spearmint
·         Peppermint
·         Chives
·         Thyme

Add this to a nice buffalo chicken dip recipe here -

Bacon Hot Dog Bites - Game Day food on the mini Weber Smokey Mountain

This is a super easy appetizer. These smoked bacon wrapped hot dogs are excellent for a game day appetizer. I hope you give these a try.

Here's the bbq sauce recipe that I used on these hot dog bites -

Hot Dogs
Dark Brown Sugar
BBQ Sauce

Cut hot dogs in quarters.
Cut Bacon into thirds
Wrap Hot dogs with bacon.
Put on a smoker at 300 degrees Fahrenheit and cook until bacon is done.
Dip in bbq sauce and place back on smoker until sauce sets.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Chipotle Peach BBQ Sauce - How to make a easy homemade Peach Chipotle BBQ Sauce

This is a great sweet and tangy barbecue sauce. It goes really well with pork and chicken. I hope you give this one a try

1 jalapeno
6 Ripe plum tomatoes - crushed by hand
2 Ripe peaches
4 Chipotle peppers in adobo
3/4 C Ketchup
1 C Apple cider vinegar
1 C Water
1/4 C Worcestershire sauce
1/4 C Honey
1/3 C Yellow mustard
Juice of one lime
1 t Freshly Cracked black Pepper
1 t Salt

Sauté the jalapeno in 1 t canola oil until soft.

Add remaining ingredients and bring to simmer.  Simmer for at least an hour.

Blend until smooth.

Cheese and Sausage Breakfast Sandwich - Easy to make sandwich on the Euro-Q

A quick breakfast sandwich on some homemade jalapeno cheddar English muffins.
I used some left over potatoes, hot peppers, some homemade breakfast sausage covered in cheese and a fried egg all on the English muffin. This rocked! I hope you give something like this a try.

You can check out the English Muffin recipe here -

1 par cooked russet potato
1/2 Hungarian pepper
1 egg
1 sausage patty
2 slices American Cheese
Jalapeno Cheddar English Muffins

Jalapeno Cheddar English Muffins - Easy English muffin recipe on the Euro-Q

These muffins go together really easily. Throw some nice homegrown jalapenos and some cheddar cheese in the muffins and cook them up on a griddle. Goes great with some jalapeno pepper jelly or bacon egg and cheese!

Adapted from the following recipe -

Monday, November 3, 2014

Pulled Pork on the Mini WSM - Easy pork butt recipe on the Mini Weber Smokey Mountain

First long cook on the mini. Going to try lump next time as the Kingsford Blue produced a lot of ash and was stomping out the fire at the end. Cooked a 6lb butt in about 10 hours at a constant 225. Maintaining this temperature for 10 hours required very little maintenance.

1 Pork Shoulder Roast
BBQ rub of choice
- used left over rub from my chicken thigh video
- also used my top secret Cuban Rub
Cider Vinegar
3 chunks apple wood

- Ideally you want to prepare the pork shoulder 1 day before the cook.  To prepare, trim any excess fat and cover liberally with bbq rub.
- Fill Weber Smokey Joe completely with charcoal.  Add 3 chunks of smoke wood. - I like apple wood with pork.
- Assemble mini WSM and preheat smoker to 225 degrees Fahrenheit.
- Place roast on lowest grate (no need to install upper grate for this cook.
-  Mist with apple cider vinegar every 3 hours.
-  Wrap roast if necessary.
-  Cook until internal temperature of pork is between 195-203.
-  Wrap and let rest for 1-2 hours.
-  Pull the roast with 2 forks.

Check out Sal at

Roasted Garlic Green Chili Sauce - How to make a spicy green chili sauce

Here's a easy recipe for a nice and spicy chili sauce with a mellow roasted garlic finish. I hope you give this a try!

1 lb Sweet Chili Peppers
1 lb Hot Chili Peppers
1 Head Garlic
1/2 Sweet Onion (I used a Vidalia)
1 t Kosher Salt
2 t Turbinado sugar - any type of sugar will work well
1 C Water
1/4 C Apple Cider Vinegar
1/2 Lemon, Juiced

Roast peppers and garlic. 
Remove the stems and seeds from the sweet chilies. 
Remove the stems from the hot chilies. 
Add all ingredients to a pot over medium heat. 
Cook until onions are soft. 
Remove from heat and let cool. 
Blend until smooth and then strain. 

Cast Iron Blueberry Pie - Easy blueberry pie recipe on a Weber grill with the Kettle Q

Super easy blueberry pie recipe for the grill.  I hope you give this one a try!

1 Pie Crust - homemade or prepared

Pie Filling
4-5 Cups Blueberries
1/2 C Sugar
4 T Corn Starch
1 T Lemon Zest
1/2 Lemon, Juiced
Pinch Salt
1 T Cinnamon Sugar

Crumb Topping
12 C Flour
1/3 C Sugar
3 T Butter

- Preheat grill to 375 degrees Fahrenheit
- Add blue berries to bowl and smash 10% of them
- Add remaining pie filling ingredients and mix well
- Add crumb topping ingredients and mix with hands until it almost looks like sand
- Place pie dough on parchment paper and put in 9 in cast iron pan.
- Trim any excess paper.
- Crimp pie dough edges.
- Dump pie filling on top of pie dough.  Make sure to scrape any of the juices left in bowl.
- Crumble the topping over the pie.
- Cook for about an hour (until pie filling starts to bubble.

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