Tuesday, January 13, 2015

4 Wood-Fired Personal Pizzas cooked in 20 minutes (total time) on the Kettlepizza - How to cook on the Kettlepizza

Here is a quick video on how to use the Kettlepizza.  I cooked 2 pepperoni pizzas and 2 smoked sausage and diced peppers pizzas in 20 minutes total time.  I did not reload charcoal or hardwood during this cook.  This is an excellent way to cook pizzas on the grill.  

I fired up one mostly full chimney of Kingsford Blue, when ready dumped in a horseshoe banked around the back of the kettle.  I added 2 applewood logs and put the kettlePizza attachment in place.  I check on it 20 minutes later and it was perfect pizza temp.  
First pizza (sausage and peppers) went on at about 650 degrees and came out 3.5 minutes later at about 700+.  Second pizza went on at 700+ and was in that range for the whole pie...I probably took it off in 3 minutes.  These went really fast and I forgot to take notes.  
 The third pizza went on just under 700...I probably could have added one more piece of wood to spike the temp but really wanted to know how many pizzas I could cook on 1 load of charcoal and 2 pieces of wood.  I am guessing if I had all the dough rolled out and ready I could have gotten 5 pizzas done with the amount of fuel I used.  
The fourth pizza went on just under 600 and cooked in about 4-5 minutes.  All of the pizzas were excellent.  It really helps to have everything prepped ahead of time and 2 pizza peels is a must.  I would like to have an aluminum one as well.

Check out the video of this cook and enjoy!

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  1. That crust looks so perfect...can you please upload a video showing us how to make it?

    1. Unfortunately this was a crust I bought at a local bakery. But I could still try and put a crust recipe together.....maybe this weekend. I was thinking of doing a new pizza video.