Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Kettlepizza Unboxing, Setup and Installation - How to install a Kettlepizza Deluxe

Here is a quick guide to installing the KettlePizza for the first time. 
When I shot this video I was very disappointed that all the pizza dough I had was frozen solid.  I managed to get some dough out and defrosted it for a night cook.  I cooked 3 or 4 pizzas....I cannot really remember exactly. 
I threw the first one in when the thermometer said 550 (I was kind of anxious) - it took about five-six minutes to cook.  Next one went in at 650 - this was was about four and a half minutes. 
The last 2 the thermometer read well over 700 and took in the 3.5 minute range...gotta watch it closely for the first few cooks before you get a handle on how fast they cook.
I cannot wait to cook Napoletana and Margherita pizzas on the Kettlepizza!  I plan on doing them and a video as soon as the weather isn't so bitter.  My next video is 4 pizzas on the Kettlepizza in 20 minutes. 

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